Zettai Shougeki ~Platonic Heart~ 1-5

Here is the batch  (and final) release of Zettai Shougeki ~Platonic Heart~.

Episodes 1-5 are all here. One thing you may noticed the [ZFSD] in front of the titles, as opposed to the usual [SubDESU].

What? ZFSD? What’s that mean?

It’s simple really. Me and firepixiedarien have gone back through the original Platonic Hearts scripts and did some house-keeping. The amount of errors I found alone was disturbing. That’s when I decided to re-release 1-3.

ZFSD stands for [ZeroFansubs & SubDESU].

Consider it a v2 of the original releases. It’s kinda a SubDESU project, but not an official release, thus Zero Fansubs is doing it.

There’s another release planned for Zero Fansubs that will be more independent than this one, look for it in the future if I ever decide to complete it ;)

So enjoy the revamped Zettai Shougeki!

Batch torrent may be a bit, I tried contacting logos a few days back with no reply, hopefully he’ll see this post instead. All hail logos!

logos: yay, I’m finally back! i wont bore you with the long story of why i was lost to the world these last couple of days but the short version is that i suddenly found myself stuck out in the countryside with no Internet connection, a hellish experience if there ever was one, but now im finaly back! Now to celebrate the end of this ordeal and the return of your beloved emperor ehrm distro guy here is the batch, now get leaching!

Jinto- Added WORKING Download Links

Platonic Heart 1-5

Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5

Batch Torrent

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