Wooot New Project


… “already and they are subbing ecchi anime? man… sheeee” Oh nice of you to join us, so as i was saying, we not here to mess around, umm okay mess around a little bit (about 80% that’s not much ) , but we mean business lol , yeah right.

The second of many projects ( you taught i was going to say first ) we going to take, and this time around it’s a 5 episode OVA entitled “Zettai Shougeki~Platonic Heart~“. If you are an ikkitousen fan then you going to love this, even if you are not you are still going to love this series. Only two episodes have been aired and our head tl “Momodaisuki” got both subbed within some few hours which means an early release ( hmm got to time them before she or Asura wakes up ( sheesh, sucks to be me ).

Well guys got to go time ( tsk ), see you very soon for the first release we all hope you enjoy this one as much as we do working on it. lol…..

…. nanii? where the hell did that that noise come from …. OMG … no *beep..ing* way ….

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