Winter Season 2008/2009 What To Sub?


Yooosh *hmm kinda like someone I know’s real name* lol , okay so so so,umm so as i was saying the last time before i was inturupted by that as*^%$$$.

Sorry abou that guys,again, he has been taken off air,again, *wondering who gave  him the password to the admin section*, but the thing is we taught and taught and we still thinking about what to sub and what not to sub, cos we don’t want to start a project and stop half way or somewhere the beginning of it or when it get’s licensed or something equally crazy.So i’ve got a list of animes (*list will be updated if anything new is suggested by any of the admins or any of the members of the site*) for you to pick the ones you would wish we take on and if you can maybe suggest a reason why lol…. Check from the image above ( Click to enlarge ) maybe you will find something omosheroe. hehehe

Let the games begine.

What DA would like to sub(Likely group projects):

1. Full Metal Alchemist 2: Hagane No Reukinjutsushi [FMA]

2. Ride Back [RB]

3. Kokaku No Regios [REG]

4. Kurokami The Animation [KAM]

5. Vipers Creed [VIP]

6. Queens Blade [ ]

7. Asu no Yoichi [ASU]

So what do you think?

NB: You can comment about my list here but to post your own list and suggest some anime(s) you would like us to sub, please go over to the Forum under Suggestions –> Suggestions For The Winter Season(2008-09)HERE and post your list.Thanks.

For discussion on the various suggestions go HERE on the forum.

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