What’s Next For The Family?

Welll, welll… umm….. i could say everything is great and peachy but it’s not. Got two people interested in tling for us, gave them what they should do and for about a week now, no word from them ( I mean what the hell? ).

Anyway all is not lost :D we’ve got something we can still do, so look forward to them, it was actually decided recently that’s why we going to release them late, but you should be getting them on time from now on.

And about the Linebarrel episode 01 to 07, we surely going to release them pretty soon.

Umm is there something else i forgot to write?

Oh yes, we still in search for Translator’s (tl’s), Encoders, Timers, Kara Makers and More Translators :D . Do contact us if you want to help with any of these positions.

See yall in some few hours with new stuff :D .

Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu

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