Weekly Surprise Release Na-Na-Naniii?

Surprise!…. Surprise!…. Sur-Damn-Prise! …. hehehe, yeah another anime episode is about to be released, but since it’s a surprise i will like to keep it that way for now and just let you guess about it, it’s an awesome and funny anime, really funny, but it’s not getting subbed like it should be.

So Momodaisuki, being so good and all just dropped the TL of an episode of that series on me, timing it now, if am done and no group has already released it.. hehehe…. then you going to love watching this too…

Who wants to guess what anime and what episode? Might give you a reward if you are right… lol



Translation Check

Time Editing

Quality Check

Encode h264

Encode Mp4

Estimated Time…. done….wooosh

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