Webmaster: Where art thou…?!

So yea… that’s me and DA having a conversation about the website work he is doing on the hentai site.

Recently we were forced to abandon all our FALL plans for anime subbing due to crappy things happening one after the other and in the end we just decided to do some groundwork instead. I took over clearing of our backlog projects with the help of the rest of our staff while DA devoted himself to renovating the website with Formenos, our technical brain-trust.

But it seems DA requires some aid currently since Formenos has run into IRL issues that is chipping away on his free time. So if you are a Webmaster or have the knowledge on how to maintain a website and is willing to join forces with DA in helping us reconstruct our hentai website, please get on IRC and get in touch with DAdesu. Also you can drop us an email at [email protected]

Wow it seems we have been looking for a lot of things as of late. Recruitment, Photoshopper and now Webmaster. I guess this is what happens when you keep postponing stuff.They just fall down on you together =S

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