TLers needed!

Yeah so new season is starting up…we’re in need of a little bit of help this fall.  We do have a lot of TLers in this group but no one seems to find the time to translate for us except 2 TLs… So if you think you could help us out, send an email to [email protected], leave a comment, or come join us on in channel #desu-recruit.

Stuff that will await you if you join this group: Lots of yasashii hito, tanoshii jikan with the staff  and, least but not last: WE :)

Your lovable editor,


P.S.  If you think you’re gonna apply, please know that you should be able to translate * lol* and do your task in a timely manner.  Meaning you get a little bit of leniency, but it must be done correctly and quickly

Hells_Finest’s P.P.S.: This season we will keep subbing Nurarihyon no Mago, of course, and start on one of the upcoming series: “Bakuman” (unless we find some fresh TLs who want to work on a series of their choice).

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