State of Play


So I got an email from DA this morning, and amongst other things, this was mentioned:

And finally and the reason for this email, WE NEED PEOPLE TO DONATE AND NOW!
Seriously, because it’s not paypal? Is that why they are not donating? TL asking for at least some of his money now and people are not using the new donation systems, if skrill is taking long they should send through western union money transfer. The point is, we need donations until at least paypal starts giving us our money that is with them, so I hope you can make a post and ask for the fans usual help in settling our growing debts, pretty please.

    Putting it all simply; Paypal has yet to release our funds and our debts are starting to grow out of control. Obviously we’ve explained our situation to parties involved (TL) but the man has to live; he can’t survive on promises of owing him later. The only way we could really stop the debts rising (as fast) is if we completely cut any new releases at all (releases have been slow, we know this and whilst we’re in our current financial crisis, that will continue to be the case as we simply can’t pay the TL for all the shows that are stuck in the backlog) but that’s not a viable option to the group, since it cuts traffic flow.

You might be thinking “Huh… but I thought you survived on ad revenue?” and whilst there certainly may be some truth that ad revenue is one our main sources of bill paying; a lot of that was locked away with Paypal and we’re simply not making enough in ad revenue to cover all our costs because we’re not bringing in the traffic because of slower releases. No safety net at all. Stupid vicious circle that has just put into a corner.

“Well, couldn’t a member of the group foot the bills?” Unfortunately not; most of us are either students or everyday workers who earn just enough to pay our personal bills and cover our living costs. Saying that, part of the reason that the server is still up is because members of the group have put their hands into their pockets and helped out.
And before it’s even mentioned again; nobody is getting a credit card.

“Bitcoin?!?!?! (or other internet currency)” A massive bitcoin exchange has just gone down, faith in the currency has been damaged, fluctuating exchange etc. etc. etc. Usual excuses. Saying that, I know next to nothing about the currency and if you want to push us to a net currency, please talk with DA or P2A. They’re the ones that would need convincing, not me.

Honestly, I’m getting tired of making these posts so frequently… I don’t like asking for money and I don’t like this possible image SubDESU may be getting of begging. None of us do. We have a huge reliance on our community in general; we love bringing you guys this stuff that otherwise wouldn’t make it to English.
Right now, we really have no other options… it’s ask you guys again or watch the group crash and burn as we lose our ability to TL and watch as our servers have to be closed, one by one (over-exaggeration, we may be to keep a few servers up but then we’re still without a TL). Yeah, sure, once (if) our funds are released by Paypal, we’ll be able to cover costs again but whether TL will trust us again is another matter entirely.

Suggestions are, of course, welcomed with open arms (unless they involve telling us to get credit… in which case, we’ll tell you where to sling your hook xD). Can we make the donation process more transparent by detailing our operating costs? Things like that.

So I’ll thank you in advance for your support; as per usual you can click the post picture to link straight to the donation page, but since DA does love his actual links, you can click the link to get to the donation page.

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