Shangri-La 11

3 things delayed this release further:

1. a power outage/flicker hit my house, knocked out the computer encoding the XviD (funny how my other computer was fine, maybe because it’s the stronger power supply running the i7 so it held a charge?)

2. I went to Bruno on Sunday night, came home and passed out

3. Shadow_Wolf alerted me right before I released that I had the wrong script. So I had to go back and re-encode.

That’s enough from me, enjoy Shangri-La (And Megaupload, if it didn’t corrupt my files again).

Shangri-La 11

DDL | Torrent [XviD]

DDL | Torrent [H264]

logos: rejoice loyal leachers thy the dark age of slow torrents has ended for i, your emperor, has returned.

hmm, i was planing to make this post longer and add something witty but i cant come up with anything, so get leaching!

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