Senran Kagura 12 END

[SubDESU] Senran Kagra 12 .mkv_snapshot_22.23_[2013.04.09_01.29

Yes, it feels good…to finally have this done. :)

Really sorry for the long wait.

Well it was fun and a pain releasing this show but we got it done.

Doesn’t look like we’re picking any new shows this season, will concentrate on getting our BD’s and some other stuffs out so watch out for them.

Anyway let’s get to it now, have fun watching.

“In celebration of Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus selling more than 120,000 units in under a week, the Senran International Academy has started their next Community Mission. See the details are here.”

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Translator – Chris

Translation Check – rx3

Timing – Azash0

Typesetting – DA

Editing – Pyxie

QC – LonerPrime

Encoding – Denpa

Distro – Server

Special Thanks – To everyone for sticking around to the end of this show.

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