Senran Kagura 02

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And the big boobs Shinobi girls action continue.

Looks like we’re getting a story from this and it’s going to be a fun watch.

Anyway, enjoy this weeks episode.

So we’re collaborating with our friends from the Senran Kagura community to promote this series and help the game development.

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The Senran International Academy is a fan community for the Senran Kagura series working to support the localization of the games and on raising international awareness for the series. We are interested in all aspects of the series and  work hard to provide a database of all information relating to it. From the games, manga, anime, and a host of other merchandise, Senran Kagura has quickly developed into an exciting new franchise! Sadly, despite the enormous international fan demand, the games have yet to be released outside of Japan.

We aim to change that and to see the popularity of the series spread worldwide. So come on by and chat with fellow fans about the series and look to us to keep you updated on all things Senran Kagura!

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Special Note: DA had decided to pick the Blu Rays of this show as well, hence we will fix a couple of derps when we release the episodes in BD quality. I apologize in advance for an inconvenience caused.


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