Selected Projects For 2009


Okaayyyy , Merrryyy Newww Yeahhhhhhh oh i meant Yearrrrrrr heheheh or is it happy? hehehe. Sooooda, am still on the discussion table with the staff about our projects for the new season, but i just couldn’t wait for them to decide especially when they are not saying much lol . So for now, i’ve got unconfirmed reports from our sexy reporter in outter space, who is reporting live from our biggest space station (*the name of the station? oh ecchi desu*), so i will hand you over to her so she will give us a list of what you should expect to be subbed and might poissible be subbed etc…….

Going over now, hi big br.. br… br… sexy reporter lady (*who i cant mention the name*) what do you have for the millions of awesome people watching us from all over the world.

[singlepic=86,100,100,,]Hi everyone, the news has been updated and i’ve got all the confirmed animes here.Hope you stick with us through out this awesome and long journey lol.

1:- [singlepic=85,195,240,,]Akikan (Confirmed)

2:- [singlepic=88,184,240,,]Viper’s Creed (Confirmed)

3:- [singlepic=83,195,240,,]Koukaku no Regios (Confirmed)

5:- [singlepic=81,195,240,,]Maria Holic (Confirmed)

6:- [singlepic=80,195,240,,]XxxHOLiC Shunmuki ( OVA ) (Confirmed)

Yeah right ……hehehe.

Finally we’ve decided on these animes to work on, how fast and how well it all goes, hehehe, well we shall all be witnesses to it.Anyway hope these title sound okay, we thought about this and we all think this will be enough since we have just a hand full of TL’s and we still looking for TS’s and especially editors.If anyone wish to help please let us know.

Oh and not to worry if something good happens we might sub more than this (*ga ga ga …. man that’s just over kill*):D

Woosh now for viewer comments, what do you have to say about all this……..? (*Please dont bite*)

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