Seikon no Qwaser II BD 07 – 08

You wouldn’t believe the hell the staff have been through because of these two Seikon eps.

Seriously, I’ve never been more happier to see a release finally get done. So I won’t even talk about it just enjoy this.

I sure hope you guys do since you were sending us so many emails asking about these.

The others should be following pretty shortly, don’t worry the others are not as cursed as these two eps were, so they won’t take long. :P

Have fun. :D

Note: We have added Alertpay to our donations so those who use that can donate through that service or Paypal. But for those who can’t use both services (or even if you donate) download through Fileserve since we get some cash from them for number of downloads made and help us stay online. :D

Episode 07

1920×1080 || FS

1280×720 || FS

Episode 08

1920×1080 || FS

1280×720 || FS


Meow – TL

DA, Romeyo007 – Timing

aHuman – Editor

RiderLeangle – QC, Distro

Savetherocks – Encoding, Distro

Darkstalkers – Distro

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