Seikon no Qwaser II – Batch

Well really…nothing beats girl on girl action especially when they are sucking dem OPPAIS and that too in 69?!

Sup boys and girls(I wish…). So DA told me that some of you perverts were not being serviced enough with our content on the subdesu-h. Well here ya go then you hentai bunch, a rare occasion where we surprise you with a batch of an oldie but goldie series. Not much to say about this one apart from…*fap fap fap*? Enjoy!

26/09/2012 Update: 1080p batch up. Special thanks to navymarcel for uploading the torrent for us. With this SNQII is officially wrapped up. Enjoy!

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Translator – Sarah

Translation Check – Sarah

Timing – DA

Typesetting – DA

Editing – Formenos


Encoding – Server

Distro – Yuyu

Special Thanks – To the staff that worked on this and to you all who appreciate our work.

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