Seikon no Qwaser II 12 End Censored


So it’s come to an end, I think… To tell the truth this season was all about fan-service and boobs. Well I’m not complaining since I loved every single moment of it :D

Anyway it’s been a while since we told you guys what we were going to pick for new shows so for this season let me tell you this;

1) Manyuu Hiken-chou ( Our main and only show we will be doing )

2)  R-15 ( This will be a joint work with Chiki-subs ) Looking forward to this joint project, it should be fun. :D

So guys there you have it, hope you stick with us all the way like you did with Seikon no Qwaser II.

Yes we will do the BD’s so don’t ask :P, maybe 30-sai BD’s too… too much typesetting with 30-sai only hope Urusai won’t mind doing it :D


Torrent || FS || MU


Torrent || FS || MU


Meow – TL

Sugita – Timing

aHuman – Editing

Urusai – Timing Check, Typesetting, Encoding, Distro

Thanks to all the staff who ever worked on this and thanks to all the fans for sticking around till the end. Look forward to the new shows. :D

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