Seikon no Qwaser Episode 01 – 06 Uncensored ( Director’s Cut Version ) v2’s

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My bad my bad :D . So yeah there was a mistake in making the post, the staff nearly killed me for making that post ( with emails and comments on irc )

So the truth is we want to get the version 2 of our previous releases out of the way first ( which my new best friend :P Kanako-Chan says will not be too long in coming) , don’t worry we are not going to take a week or more to release them.

So what’s new in the v2’s….




Previews Translated

New encodes

This is a secret, ep 7 is waiting for Leopard uncensored raw. :D

Jinto Edit-Episode 7 WONT be out intill were done with the V2 files

Since were a a small group of a few people we do one project at a time so we dont have 10 going at once even if we did do this in the past that is something we wont be doing so stop asking for 7 they will be out when there out…inless you want to help then they might come out quicker

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