Seikon no Qwaser 13

Nani, nani!? Nani kore!? Yaaa!! That’s not a dream! That’s the true thing, the other are coming soon, I just don’t want to burn my 90 ko/s uploading limit if everybody just jump on it like this.

So, here’s your famous pron guys, hope you’ll enjoy the 69 like I did.

Episode 13



PS : I almost forgot. I’m gonna give you the general specs of my computer for you to understand.

I have a 3200+ Athlon on a Gigabyte mother board.
1Go DDR1 ram.
ATI Radeon 9200 AGP video card.

This means that, I’m suffering each time I do an ep and it’s not a joke. I cannot use CS3+ After Effects because of the SSE instruction set of the processor. I also cannot use a huge bunch of effects using OpenGL instructions set because of the video card, and, if there are too much effects, of, if the episode is too big for my comp, I’m lagging or it takes 8 hour to encode (like for Bantorra for exemple). So, I’m launching a call to the fans, if someone have parts they don’t use anymore, instead of throwing them to the trash, feel free to send me them, or, chip in for a cheap yet, better bundle for a better computer. It’s for you first guys, and your realeses anyway.

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