Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas – Meiou Shinwa Episodes 05 and 06 v2’s

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Man, finally something… I was beginning to think… umm never mind.

You wanted this re-encoded and stuff.. we did what we could taking into consideration that fact that we have more projects going on for us than it should be allowed by law ( I mean the fansubbing law ).

So yes it’s done.. if you’ve got any other problems with this, it will be corrected when we release eps 7 and 8 ( yes tl loves this show so we will release them, someone should just get us the raws as soon as they are out and we will deliver :D )

But if you still want to make noise about this then i will tell you to go stick it where the sun does not shine ( but I wont say that, cos am too good a person ). But seriously you better appreciate the effort and have fun :P

Hmm… Seems am forgetting something… umm did the first release have an OP and ED? This one does, I think :D

Episode 5v2

DDL | Torrent [XviD]

DDL | Torrent [H264]

Episode 6v2

DDL | Torrent [XviD]

DDL | Torrent [H264]

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