Recruitment Opened Once Again

123Serious recruiting? You betcha`!

Hey folks. Last time when we opened our doors for new hands to help out with our subbing efforts, we got a lot of new talent. Unfortunately we were not able fill all the fields of the subbing process and we ended up with a couple of empty vacancies by the time we closed our drive. We have decided to open our doors once more to try and fill those positions. The following is what’s up for grabs:

1) Timer: Patience and creativity are the only requirements. We will teach the basics and help you improve your timing skills. But how good you become is totally up to you. We got our timers positions filled. Thank you all who applied.

2) Editor: Grammar Nazi without a stick up his/her ass is the requirement. This is a global group. We don’t follow US or UK only English. We follow the hybrid worldwide version which means,  translations that keep the Japanese essence alive. So all you have to be is a lover of anime/hentai world and be fluent in English.

3) Typesetters: Experienced people required for this field. We apologize but we can’t teach this. In the last recruitment, we didn’t get anyone so this time we are hopeful to get a couple to help out with our workload.


*Finally we hope to get a solid Webmaster who can help fix our websites. We have a couple of people that help us time and again but they are mostly busy with their jobs/lives and the website improvement is in a state of stall. Anyone with the proper experience in this field and some solid time on their hands, would be appreciated to help us out at that end.*

*PS: If you are applying for the Editor or Typesetter position, please be prepared to take a test for it. Also as far as timer goes, we will evaluate you first before we start teaching you so please don’t walk in with a laid back attitude. This might be something that we do as hobby but we do take it seriously.*

Interested folks please head over to our IRC channel here and get in touch with LonerPrime. If I am not available for some reason please send a mail to [email protected] with your desired field of work and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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