Recruitment Drive!

Salutations fellow ecchi lovers. Today we have some important announcement to make!

A little trivia before I get to the main topic. SubDESU has been around the subtitling scene for a good three and a half years + now. Needless to say if we aren’t professionals, we aren’t amateurs either and we are constantly aiming for the top. But lately many fans have been aggressively negative about the group’s work and are not shy to express their opinions on multiple sites rampantly. As much as it pains to admit, if not most at least some of these opinions are quite authentic criticisms.

Most of the flak we get are for not switching to 10bit or weird translations coupled with small mistakes here and there and I agree as well. Before I became staff I often wondered what the reason was. Now that I am staff, I am here to explain that very reason. Just one word… UNDERSTAFFED. For the people who think this is still the old subdesu, sorry to burst your bubble, but it isn’t. Lately there has been a staff shuffle and we have added a wide range of talented staff members that are quite skilled in their field. Be it Timers, Editors or QCers they all take their work seriously. Couple that with the fact that the experienced old staff is now working more efficiently since they don’t have to juggle three things at a time and we are already improving.

But this is still NOT ENOUGH. Before the new staff came along a good chunk of older staff had broken away from subdesu. Now don’t ask me why cause honestly I have no idea and this was way before my time. All in all even though we have elevated the quality of subdesu’s work for a couple of weeks now, we still are quite overburdened. And this is where this drive comes in…

We need passionate anime lovers who can be a part of this sub group and spend one to three hours on any random day to work on a project. Of course we don’t want to overburden anyone so let me clarify this in advance. We currently have the staff force to deal with all aspects of subbing. This drive merely focuses on increasing quality while decreasing time. Staff positions are as follows:

1) Translators – We have them. But honestly translators in my opinion are just like boobs. There are just not enough to go around. So if you know Japanese and are willing to spend some time translating some moaning. By all means, apply.

2) Translator Checkers – Alright this is where shit becomes real. . We don’t have even ONE. Okay that’s a bit over exaggerated. We have two people who can TLC but let’s just say one is quite unreliable and the others knowledge on Japanese is a bit on the amateurish side. For a good while now we have been missing solid TLC and without this safety net we have to blindly rely on our translators. Now I am not saying we have crap TLs but TLs are also human and they make mistakes. We need someone to rectify these mistakes. So please, if you can understand Japanese and are willing to give even one hour of your time, you can help us out by a large margin.

3) Editors – Recently we had the good pleasure of recruiting a handful of intelligent Editors. They work quite diligently in their field and even though our Editorial department is quite crowded, we still wouldn’t turn away a skillful soul. Go ahead and apply if you feel good about it.

4) Typesetters – Here is our second problem area. At the moment we have just ONE solid TS! Well… again a bit of exaggeration, we have a couple. But honestly we just have one TS most of the time and that also became possible because the new staff took the pressure off from the old staff. We don’t pick “sign heavy” shows generally but once in a while we have to deal with sign barrages. That being said, if you are a talented Typesetter who can spend a reasonable amount of time on random days, we really could use your help.

5) Quality-Checkers – The final authority on Scripts. These guys look for any chinks in the script and report it to the respective departments. These are also the lucky pricks who get to see the full subbed episode before anyone else but that does not imply “only fun”. They have to be observant about everything like weird timings, missing TL, grammatical mistakes, odd Typesetting etc. All in all the QC job is the hardest since you need to have hybrid basic knowledge of all the staff mentioned above. We only have one QC at the moment with a handful of others who are backups. That being said, if you think you are QC material, apply .

6) Encoders – The technical brain matter of the group. Basically you need solid knowledge about your field. I really don’t have much knowledge about encoding so I can’t give the specifics but if you are a good encoder you will know what I am talking about. We need them for a variety of tasks and yes encoders are valuable so I am Golem . You are all “MY PRECIOUS”. APPLY!

Anyone who is interested can get in touch with us via email: But if you can, use IRC and get in touch with us on the messenger. The address link is #Desu-recruit. If someone doesn’t respond head over to our  irc:// main site chat and talk to either DA or me.

Please Note: This is not a desperate recruitment drive. Yes we need staff, but no we don’t need staff that will increase our headaches and workload. Whatever path you choose, you will be asked to take a test. Only if you do 75%  or better, will you be considered. So please do not take this lightly.

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