Phi-Brain S2 07

Damn .ts file. We tried so hard to get it to work but it just wouldn’t work, SIGH.

Anyway here you go with this weeks puzzle time.

Have fun. :D

ATTENTION: Check the donation thing at the top right of the site if you wanna help the group by donating, or send an email to [email protected] and we will show you what to do please. Thank you.

After donating, download from the ddl site because it’s the only good host who pay for downloads now. :D

720p MKV

Torrent | filefactory | ddlanime

400p XviD

Torrent | filefactory | ddlanime


Sarah – TL

Azash0 – Timing

DA – Typesetting

Formenos – Editing, QCing

Gespensterjaeger, Largo – Encoding, Distro

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