Phi-Brain 14

Sorry for the site going down, issue with server hardware.

Will prepare for such stuff next time so we don’t loose site for days. :D

Anyway here you are with this weeks Phi-Brain, was late on the release of this because of another project. :P

Have fun. :D

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Note: We have added Alertpay to our donations so those who use that can donate through that service or Paypal. But for those who can’t use both services (or even if you donate) download through Fileserve since we get some cash from them for number of downloads made and help us stay online. :D

720p MKV

Torrent || FS || FSo

400p AVI

Torrent || FS || FSo


Sarah – TL

TheKey2500 – Timing

Formenos – Editing

RiderLeangle – QCing

Redpepper – Encoding

Darkstalkers – Typesetting, Distro

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