Kurogane No Linebarrels Episode 16

[singlepic=115,320,240,,center] Finallyyy, omg i thought i could never get this done lol, am so happy it’s done, and asura has decided to make a little time from his exams week and help out with the episode 17 so for now, this look good. Hope you like it and if you don’t just make all the(…)

  1. logos: torrents in about one hour :)

  2. logos: oh, and thanks for the release…

  3. Kyoushiro: thxxx....

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Status Kurogane No Linebarrels Episode 16

Hai, 16 up next… awesome episode, really really awesome hehe…. you won’t believe what happens in the end… just awesome :D Yaji……. Translation Translatoin Check Time Edit Quality Check Encode HD Encode SD Estimated Time….. still waiting for the number of S’s and D’s in SubDESU. :D Link deleted? Report it here.

  1. Phukkitt: Two S's and one D. That…

  2. DA: Hai... after encode you have to…

  3. Phukkitt: Tiresome process then. :P

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Kurogane No Linebarrels Episode 15

[singlepic=104,320,240,,center] Sorry sorry, it’s late, promise to get the 16 done faster than this one.Sorry again guys, it was all due to uploading, i start uploading it before i go to bed but by the time i get up, it’s not finished and i have to reupload it again.That’s the problem am having now, so(…)

  1. Kyoushiro: thx for ddl........

  2. DA: Should have the Xvid up soon,…

  3. logos: will there be torrents for this…

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Status Kurogane No Linebarrels Episode 15

Yeah it’s really late… we know … sorry about that… but it should be released soon.It’s another awesome episode hehehe… watch out. Honto….. Translation Translation Check Time Edit Quality Check Encode HD Encode SD Estimated time…. how many s and d’s are in subdesu? Link deleted? Report it here.

Macademi WAsshoi Episode 11

[singlepic=116,320,240,,center] Sorry there’s no picture this release :D and for the late release guys! Took me a while just to find the correct codec to encode, and then to download it twice… anyways here’s what you people wanted, Enjoy! DDL | Torrent [Xvid] DDL | Torrent [H264] Link deleted? Report it here.

Kurogane no Linebarrels Episode 14

[singlepic=92,320,240,,center] Am so sorry guys, not sure what’s happening with the guys (*especially Asura*), but it seems they’ve got some stuff to take care of things should be okay so, am working stuff out, hopefully releases wont be this slow again :D. Anyway here you go with linebarrel ep. 14, enjoy. lol DDL | Torrent(…)

  1. spoofe: wow thnx for the subs, xvid…

  2. Kupi: Thx a lot!

  3. Darknesschaos: lol. this show is getting epic....…

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Status Kurogane no Linebarrel Episode 14

Hai hai, it’s about time we also released something, i know lol. But hey what can i say just have fate and a little bit patience, well at least more than i have lol. So???? Translation Translation Check Time Edit Quality Check Encode H264 Encode Xvid Estimated Time……. Afte you say three more DESU Link(…)

Zero no Tsukaima Princess no Rondo OVA

Woosh awesome new year release, our wonderful sub friends from osu decided to let us tag along with this release, yeah, and momodaisuki, Oren, Yitza and Asura lived up to expectation and came up with this awesome OVA release hope you guys like it, unexpected huh, i know buhahahahhaha….. DDL | Torrent [Mp4] DDL |(…)

Selected Projects For 2009

[singlepic=87,320,240,,center] Okaayyyy , Merrryyy Newww Yeahhhhhhh oh i meant Yearrrrrrr heheheh or is it happy? hehehe. Sooooda, am still on the discussion table with the staff about our projects for the new season, but i just couldn’t wait for them to decide especially when they are not saying much lol . So for now, i’ve(…)