Saki And Shangri-La Episodes 01 And 02

Woot, okay so we’ve picked these two and othe one which should be out later :D . Well we hope the tling and Video quality is okay for you guys, cos Zer0-Kun worked really hard to get this encode done :D . Let us know what you think about them. Cee ya. SAKI Ep. 01(…)

  1. DA: @Logos, hope you get the torrent…

  2. logos: 8 releases to torrent at once,…

  3. logos: okay my MU download of the…

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Double The Release For The Price Of One

Hooold it… just so you know and won’t jump to any conclusions, yeah I mean we’re going to release two animes at the same time, and no, we’re not charging for it. So please don’t come knocking on my door :D . Hell I’ve even got a status for it hehe… let’s see how long(…)

What’s Next For The Family?

Welll, welll… umm….. i could say everything is great and peachy but it’s not. Got two people interested in tling for us, gave them what they should do and for about a week now, no word from them ( I mean what the hell? ). Anyway all is not lost :D we’ve got something we(…)

Kurogane No Linebarrels Episode 24 Final

Oh such a shame it’s has come to an end, but not for us, we’ve got some episodes more to release, but as far as this anime is concerned this is the last episode and really it was a great ride. With all the up’s and down’s we still managed to get this done, thanks(…)

  1. Driden: Thank you! Much appreciated! /bow

  2. logos: will torrent this as soon as…

  3. Phukkitt: Why have you started using linkbucks?…

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Status Kurogane No Linebarrels Episode 24 Final

Well this should be getting about ready as I post this :D . Zer0-Kun has been hard at work encoding these, and he has done a great job so far. Anyway here is the status just to keep the tradition going :D. Goodbye Linebarrel? Translation Translation Check Time Edit Quality Check Encode HD Encode SD(…)

Kurogane No Linebarrel 23

Woooot, finally :D . I mean what the hell, what took them so long? (You are part of them konoyaro) :D . Okay have fun and sorry for the long wait.And this was made possible thanks to our new Encoder zer0-kun :D . DDL | Torrent [XviD] DDL | Torrent [h264] Link deleted? Report it(…)

Status Kurogane No Linebarrels Episode 23

Yohohoho omoshiroi, was supposed to get this done like yesterday or early today but since i’ve got a crappy net could not get the timing done on time, everything is almost done. It’s worth the wait. See ya soon. Kizakiiiii…….. Translation Translation Check Time Edit Quality Check Encode HD Encode SD Estimated Time: Did this(…)

  1. SmoothRKJ: Soon can't come soon enough

  2. Shuffleblade: Great work as always, looking forward…

  3. Asakura Yoh: I have wait so long for…

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Kurogane No Linebarrels Episode 22

Due to some circumstances we had, the release for KnL 22 got slightly delayed. Sorry for that. Also… my x264 codec and/or program doesn’t want to work anymore for WHATEVER reason and is causing me some unlikely problems… =( That’s why I’m being forced to release both versions in XviD (SD as well as HD).(…)

Status Kurogane No Linebarrels Episode 22

Man, got net issues again and was about to give up on releasing this episode anytime this week but all being good, net is back and here you are with the status or whatever you want to call it :D have fun waiting :D . KATO, JUDA partner dato? Translation Translation Check Time Edit Quality(…)

Kurogane No Linebarrels Episode 21

Woah! Yes, it’s unbelievable. Both h264 and XviD are done and ready to get raped… err… I mean leeched. xD If you want to find out what is going on in this episode – get it now!~ DDL | Torrent [XviD] DDL | Torrent [h264] Link deleted? Report it here.