Nurarihyon no Mago Episode 16

“Saya no Uta”

I dicovered my love for this visual novel yesterday, I thank Tax_Peace for this. Think im gonna play more of them from now on. Also, Itou Kanako and Faylan rock ma sekai <3 !!!

Atos-Hell’s fails at taunting/bribing me so I made my own bribe.

“I hope you have a nice time fapping to this^^

Sincerely yours, Hells_Finest”

Guys vote for your favorite picture in the comments, mine (Yuki Onna) or Hells_Finest’s (Saya).

Vote’s over boys and boys. End result is, that both win since Ato’s pic got deleted for whatever reason and 2 ppl voted for my Saya and 2 ppl for his Snow Gal. Short poll but who cares, watch and enjoy our Mago instead!!! But I’ll leave Saya’s pic for the terrifying, disgusting but yet interesting memories.

She’s back so vote.


DFMU || Torrent


DDL || Torrent

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