Nurarihyon no Mago 03

lil status report on Occult->waiting until MiKun is back from his 4some weekend, lets hope that they all are guys so he comes back asap, Episode 2-> timing, Episode 3-> timing+ editing. Mitsu Episode 3 will be up soon, Ep4 needs some timing.

Also, Choutomi is looking for Encoders with Karaoke experience for his not-yet-to-exist-promotion-video-fansubgroup. All you will have to do is hardsubbing the PVs, he will take care of the TL. if you have some time to kill send him a private message or just write “Choutomi you bitch, I AM YOUR MAN/WOMAN!!” in the main channel on irc. (We also could need some more experienced encoders and TLers)


MU || Torrent


FS || MU || Torrent

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