Natsu no Arashi 10

Even with all the server issue going on, we can’t be distracted from our primary role of fansubing.
So here is your Natsu no Arashi 10.

The other 2 should be incoming (hopefully before 11s airs).

The biggest change this week through is the resolution. I made a decision to drop 1280×720. The RAWs just don’t look good enough to be upscaled, most computers will do a better job.
If anyone noticed, I also messed up Natsu no Arashi 09. It was over-sharpened because I accidentally used the wrong .avs script. That was corrected in 10.

So enjoy the new 1024×576. Saki is also affected by this, but Shangri-La will remain 1280×720.

Natsu no Arashi 10
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v2’s are out

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