Mitsudomoe Episode 01

Yo guys, this is my first post. I will substitute DA and Jinto whenever they don’t feel like doing it or if they’re not available atm ;)This is our second project, 2 more to go, I hope you will enjoy them as much as we do. And now everyone, welcome Rocky_Spirit, also called Balboa, who decided to tl this wonderful series. Awesome work man, keep this up and always do your push-ups so you won’t lose to Ivan Drago!

Our other projects are Nurarihyon no Mago (TL: Chichiri) and Occult Academy (again tled by Rocky_Spirit), the winner of the poll we recently started.

Seikon 23 will be out soon, sorry that it took us so long but its hard getting motivation for a series no TLer in this group likes. 24 is being translated by our brave Choutomi, may god aid him. Amen.





PS: I think they’re damn hot: Here

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