Mega Fail!!!


At this point, all I can say is we are really sorry for all the corrupted videos. For some weird reason, most of the uploads we did to megaupload, got corrupted, which led to Zer0 getting a new server for the direct downloads. So now we moving most of the files to the new server then making new torrents.

Yes we know that means downloading stuff all over again, but we picked these three shows so we could release quality subs and encodes, if it was just a minor stuff, we would have ignored it, but in this case, we’re not going to ignore anything.

Am promising everyone it’s not going to happen again, as I said before, we going to really check before we release no matter how late it makes us ( maybe some few hours late ).

So for now, watch out for v2 on Natsu 03 and hopefully not on some of the other shows . So so sorry again.

Zer0 Edit: Due to the recent corruption in our releases, multiple (and I mean, multiple) versions 2’s have been released. They correct the CRC issues we’ve been having for the most part, but also fine tuned the picture quality (seen here). In Natsu no Arashi 01, we corrected a typesetting error. If you missed them in our earlier posts, the following v2’s have been released:

Natsu no Arashi 01v2

DDL | Torrent [XviD]

DDL | Torrent [H264]

Natsu no Arashi 02v2

DDL | Torrent [H264]

Natsu no Arashi 03v2

DDL | Torrent [XviD]

Saki 01v2

DDL | Torrent [XviD]

Saki 02v3

DDL | Torrent [H264]

If you choose the Direct Download method, please help seed the torrents. Thank you.

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