Medaka Box 01

A new season and a new show.

And it’s a really good one too. Am sure everyone will love watching this.

Have fun watching it. :D

ATTENTION: Check the donation thing at the top right of the site if you wanna help the group by donating, or send an email to [email protected] and we will show you what to do please. Thank you.

After donating, download from or depositfiles because they are the only good host who pay for downloads now. :D

720p MKV v2

Torrent | | | ddlanime

400p XviD v2

Torrent | | | ddlanime


Sarah – TL

DA – Timing, Typesetting

MetalCap – Editing

RiderLeangle – QCing

KgOlve – Encoding SD, Distro

Yuyu – Encoding HD

Note: Reason for v2 was to fix some minor editing errors and some typesetting issues. But most importantly because we used a .ts to encode from so video quality is way better.

Haters can suck on that. :P

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