Manyuu Hikenchou ~DC~ 06

The boobs got stuck? LMAO

And once again, we could not get hold of a raw for the censored so we are forced ( and I mean forced :P ) to release the AT-X version first… at least no or less annoying white screens.

Have fun, show is funny as hell and the boobs are big and hot as hell :D

MKV v2

Torrent || FS

Xvid v2

Torrent || FS


Meow – TL, Timing

lonmas – Editing

RiderLeangle – QCing

Darkstalkers – Typesetting, Encoding, Distro

Note: We found out that the wrong op / ed was used for the release so the reason for a v2. If you already downloaded the first one and don’t mind op / ed then don’t worry about the v2 but if not then please get this. Sorry for the inconvenience, thank you. :D

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