Manyuu Hikenchou ~DC~ 05

So for the first time, we get to release the AT-X uncensored version first. Well that’s because there is no good source for the censored version, which we will do as soon as we get the raw for it.

Ep 4 Fully uncensored will also be done as soon as we get the raw for it, anyone who can provide us with these raws should send us an email ([email protected]).

Anyway have fun :P


Torrent || FS


Torrent || FS


Meow – TL, Timing

lonmas – Editing

RiderLeangle – QCing

Darkstalkers – Typesetting, Encoding, Distro

Note: This is not the fully uncensored webrip as reported in tokyotosho, sorry for that mistake in comment. Hey but it’s still uncensored so what the hell. :P

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