Manyuu Hikenchou BD Specials 5-6

^Was the face Rider was making after we had finished Riding him :3

BD Episodes are coming soon, for now it’s only the specials, check back soon for the episodes :3

Special 5

MKV 720p

Torrent || FS || FSo

MKV 1080

Torrent || FS || FSo

Special 6

MKV 720p

Torrent || FS || FSc

MKV 1080p

Torrent || FS || FSc


The fellow fappers will be listed later when Da gets his head outta his pantsu and comes online with the credits list :3

Da got his head halfway outta his pantsu to mail the list over, and then he went back down there for some gold digging or whatever it was he was enjoying himself doing down there.

Sarah – TL

DA – Timer and Editing

RiderLeangle – QC, and bending over for us so we got a nice screenshot

RedPepper – Encoder

KgOlve – Distro

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