Manyuu Hikenchou 05 Fully Uncensored DC Web Rip

Those are crazy dangerous hands my lady, you better run. Hehehe

So we’ve finally caught up with the WebRips and we are just waiting for a good ep 6 censored raw. Not sure why now the censored raws are not being released faster, might have an idea but I don’t really care as long as we get it to done for you guys to watch one way or another. :D

So have fun with this ep, this show is really fun to watch. :P


Torrent || FS


Torrent || FS


Meow – TL, Timing

lonmas – Editing

RiderLeangle – QCing

Darkstalkers – Typesetting, Encoding, Distro

sd743 and Dddd – Webrip raw providers

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