Manyuu Hikenchou 03 BDRip

The third episode in Blue-Ray with all it’s fully uncensored and awesome quality is here.

So seriously the next BD release from us is without a doubt going to be Seikon s2, finally got things kinda sorted out at that end so please wait for it, should be any day now.

I was told some old staff(s) still going around and hating, do we care? Pu-lease, hell no! :P

Have fun. :P

MKV 1080p

Torrent || FS

MKV 720p

Torrent || FS


Meow – TL, Timing

HavocAngel – Editing

RiderLeangle – QCing

Urusai – Timing

Darkstalkers – Encoding, Typesetting, Distro

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