Many happy returns of the day, DADesu!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, today marks the auspicious occasion when the Hentai gods went all out and decided to send our perverted leader DADesu on this planet!

Honestly, I haven’t been around this group that long, hence I really don’t know DA that closely but whatever time I have spent working with him on projects, I can honestly say he is one of the few “down to earth, takes his work seriously and still have fun” kind of guy that actually is a valuable asset on the subbing scene. According to anidb, under his leadership this group has achieved:-

1) SubDESU => Released 56 animes, 450 episodes, 1128 files [321 gb] since 17.11.2008

2) SubDESU-h => Released 166 animes, 302 episodes, 434 files [102 gb] since 29.11.2010

So people, shower your wishes, pay your respects, do a perverted dance or whatever it is you are expert in but make sure to celebrate the occasion :)  After all, subbing that ecchi is serious business and this guy has made it his life’s work by giving most of you lot who love animes, but can’t understand a word of Japanese, a lot to feel happy about over the years. :D

Special Thanks – DADesu of-course.

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