Maken-Ki! Two 01

Let’s get down to it!

A new season and we as usual, we’ve picked the best of the ecchiest. :D

But a few things we have to point out, we waited for AT-X version of the first episode to check if there will be any censorship issues, but unfortunately that could not be determined from the first episode. Both MX and AT-X versions had the same content so we’re releasing this first episode with MX since it has better video quality.

In any case, if future episodes we might decide to release both MX and AT-X versions if there will be white lights or dark light censorship’s in the MX versions, if both are censored then we will only release the MX version since it has the best quality.

Hope you guys understand. We will do the BluRay vesion of this after all, so no worries. :P

Anyway, check the first episode out and lets have fun this season as usual.

Have fun!

Note: Password For Extracting The Video is: subdesu

We put the files in rar because they were being deleted when we uploaded them.

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Translator – Chris

Timing – Azash0

Typesetting – Odoxzz-zen

Editing – Sparx

QC – Anoki

Encoding – Deafboy91

Distro – Server

Special Thanks – To all the fans who are sticking with us through out this series!

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