Macademi Wasshoi! 12

And now for the announced off-schedule release!

Macademi Wasshoi was before my time, but as I understand it SubDESU has been stalled on it for a while now.

Well, that changes today.

In the absence of our latest 07 releases (they’re coming!) I give you Macademi Wasshoi episode 12 in both 848×480 SD and 1280×720 HD higher than SD flavours. From what I hear we may start work on the uncensored DVD versions as well.

But for now, enjoy the last episode of Macademi Wasshoi!!

Macademi Wasshoi 12

DDL | Torrent [XviD]

DDL | Torrent [H264]


Translation: Momodaisuki
Translation Check: mflatishcler
Timing: DA, caset
Editing: DA
Typesetting: Yitza
Quality Check: Lilithu, DA
Karaoke Translation: Momodaisuki
Karaoke Styling: Yitza
Encoding: caset
Distro: Logos
Special Thanks: Bhasonson, Soulie, Chriz, Zer0

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