Looking for someone with Mad “Photoshopping” Skillz!

Honestly don’t let the title or pic scare you… what we need is kind of simpler than that… hopefully.

Recently we decided to give a new look to our Hentai sister site and one of the main things that came up was the induction of background images. Basically we would like to add characters [specifically anime girls posing vertically] on either side of website. A simple example for something like that is this. The problem is, wallpapers that would suit such a need rarely exist and we could really use an experienced photo-shopper who can actually take apart two images and merge them into one for this very purpose.

If you are such a person and would like to donate your skills for this cause please head to our IRC and get in contact with DAdesu for details. If he is not around please drop us a mail at [email protected]

Please note that there is no financial merit in doing this. Most of the donations that come from our fans go into paying Translators or paying for servers. Since we got some generous fans recently we ended up upgrading servers and ordering some more website enhancements so that the folks who visit us can enjoy their stay some more. The only things that I can promise you for doing this, is the proud satisfaction that your work is displayed on our website and the grattitude of the staff.

Some details regarding the requirement are as follows:

1) We are looking for a resolution around 1900×1600 roughly for the final wallpaper.

2) Please use images from your own end. We really don’t have images of our own honestly and would love some of your own ideas.

3) I know it’s a hentai site, but no nude girls please. Of-course an ecchi shot would be best. Rest we will leave to your creative minds :)

We found a couple of talents for the purpose. Thank you all who applied.

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