Kuroshitsuji II Episode 06

Should I drop this? Probably. There are different reasons for me to drop this shit. I’ll try to continue this series, but if I feel like it, I’m gonna drop this and do other things instead of wasting my time TLing Kuro for 7-10 hours. I’d like to whine some more but I’ll spare you that.


MU || Torrent


MU || Torrent

Edit: MU up

…OKOKOK I wont drop kuroshitsuji, just for you guys i will continue this, you have my word. but I wont be able to TL it this weekend (got to work saturday and sunday from 12:15-20:25… and I definitely WONT tl it past 8:00 am :P I need to watch some anime after work).  will try to do most on monday and finish it on tuesday ( the TL that is, you know what comes after this step >_>)

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