Kuroshitsuji II Episode 03

Hells_Finest :This pic is also good… oh wonderful Sebastian!!!

PS: Sorry for the delay… And yeah, starrting August I will be working in hospital, so you can either expect Kuro to be released on weekends or with gay hard delay… Also, this is not a version 2, Jintos post will be deleted (or this post, i dont care) and plz, if you like our release go to MAL or anidb and vote for us :) . Nurarihyon 2 and occult 2 up soon

dont be gay and watch this XD  : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQwEsKQRHxE&feature=related

PS2: And no Im nnot gay im straight, it just happened that a good friend linked me to this for heavy laughter


Jinto: Episode 3 of Yaoi Butlers or as Atosecond calls it “KuroShit” lol but i dont know of any staff that watches this series except for Hells who is in love with Sebastian Michaelis..well he has said that he is “Not in love with him just strives to be like him” if its Hells Idol or Lover :P this picture is for him

[11:29:49] <Hells_Finest> ah sebastian is so wonderful
[11:31:05] <Hells_Finest> he is indeed the person i want to become


MU || Torrent


*MU || Torrent

Disclaimer: the term Yaoi Butlers in no way claims that this series contains hard Yaoi just references :D

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