Kuroshitsuji II Episode 01

So finally it seems I get the chance to make another post, Yaiii Banzaii!. We are here again with something new, actually the second season, Hells_Finest is so much in love with this show that he simple had to translate it, of course with the help of Chouto, Rocky, Sue and Aistad :D.

Man after waiting so long to get a chance to make a post I have nothing sensible to say so I will leave the chit chat for later and let’s get on with Kuroshitsuji II. Hope you stick with us through out and enjoy our releases. If you have a problem come to the channel and complain, if you think you can do that here, then am sorry for you :P.

Oh and look out for our other new stuff that we will release, it will blow your mind :D

Seikon will be released by the end of the weekend :D Banzaiiiiiiiiiii


MU|| Torrent


MU || Torrent


MU || Torrent



Aistad Note: Turns out Jinto is not the coolest guy ever :P

NB: XviD was made from the V2

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