Kodomo no Jikan OAD

“Tax_Peace:I choose you! Dickerpie!

Señoras y señores. Os presento a nuestro comunicado del Kodomo no Jikan OAD!

Huh. I remembered more Spanish than I thought. Why use Spanish? Because I can, and because I’m slightly sleep deprived and I don’t know any better. I’m also a little irritable for that reason. But my irritability isn’t going to stop us from bringing you the awesome that is the latest Kodomo no Jikan OAD! For anyone who doesn’t know what Kodomo no Jikan is, get out.

No. Srsly. Get out.

Ep 01



Tax_Peace –  TL, TLC, timing

BT – Editing

EienShouko – Encoding, Typesetting, Distro


Edit: Who the hell thought it would be a good idea for me to write this at 4 in the morning?

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