KissxSis OVA 08

[SubDESU] Kiss X Sis OVA 08.mp4_snapshot_05.41_[2013.02.10_10.14.59]

And we’ve come to the Teacher-Student action. The best for me so far. :P

Hey I like them older, no loli for me.

But still we got a little moment of lolicest (loli and Incest), and as usual this ova is full of botherline hentai moments.

Note: We tagged this v0 because the raw released for the moment is an upscale. If you absolutely can’t wait to watch, then be our guest and download. Otherwise wait for us to do a re-release with a proper raw.

We will release a higher quality video when we get our hands on a better raw.


Translator – Chris

Translation Check – LonerPrime

Timing – DA

Typesetting – DA

Editing – DA


Encoding – Server

Distro – Server

Special Thanks – To our donators!

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