Kiss x Sis OVA 09(10th)

As usual, since the current raw out there is a really bad quality one we’re releasing this in mp4 version for those who are hounding us to release it.

That means this release is for the impatient people out there who want to watch this quickly, if you’re not one of them then please stay away and wait for when we release the dvd version.

Thank you.

With that said and done, have fun with the best wincest series. :D

Note: Pass for rar is = subdesu

We put the files in rar because they were being deleted when we uploaded.

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Translator – Chris

Timing – Odoxzz-zen

Typesetting – Odoxzz-zen

Editing – DA


Encoding – Deafboy91

Distro – Server

Special Thanks – To everyone who donates to help us out!

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