Kiss x Sis 09

Couldn’t watch the whole thing, had some business issues i had to deal with :/ so this release is a bit late than it should be and I’m sorry to the fans that have been waiting for it…oh and DA I’m not sorry for making you wait :P you need more patients lol.

Short post to save time so you get an extra image, one of Riko happy another with an Evil grin because she beat “Her” to Keita today again…she might have brains but when it comes to guys she seems to always be second

[13:14:40] <+Aistad> omg
[13:14:43] <+Aistad> if I were a TL
[13:15:15] <+Aistad> I’d definitely put in a TL note when Keita says Alright! Let’s do this!
[13:15:22] <+Aistad> and say..
[13:15:39] <+Aistad> Leroooooooooooooooy Jeeeeeeeeeeeenkins
[13:15:58] <~Mkohaku> Just put “Aistad Note” *Laughs*
[13:16:32] <+Aistad> haha no I wouldn’t have the courage to actually put that into the episode
[13:16:42] <+Aistad> that would be so funny though
[13:17:08] <+Aistad> like if I were to watch it without knowing it was coming I’d probably piss my pants from laughter

Seems like we got a Weekly thing with comments from Aistad :P

right now you’re thinking where the F**K are the links already, you said this was going to be a short post.


MU || Torrent


MU || Torrent

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