Kiss x Sis 09 (Half)Censored

Sorry for the hard delay on this one, but we downloaded 4 raws of this,
hoping that there was one without those fuck chickens nuggets which covered
almost the whole screen… And 3 of 4 raws had pixelation issues so
we waited for a better raw without that (we knew some people would
complain about this shit and blame our poor encoder for it)
That’s why last episode 9 was fucked up by half a second, we changed raws
after completing the TL).
Sorry that we’re human.
So here yu got it: 4 different raws, all with chickens
Conclusion: theres NO RAW which HAS NO CHICKS!
Second half of this episode seems fine though.
Therefore we call this version “(Half)Censored” to make things clear
so less fags will be asking us whether this is uncensored or not.



MU || Torrent


MU || Torrent

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