Kiss x Sis 08 Uncensored

This episode here is rather good but only bad thing is that Keita’s Festival gets “Rained” on at the end of the episode but aside from that it an enjoyable one but i think i have more fun laughing at Hells and the other TLers trying to figure out WTF the teacher Yuuzuki ment  then listing to the editor of Sis Aistad trying to make sense of it….i would post the logs from it but i think i would get beaten by Aistad :/

Also we got a BIG thanks to Aerith for helping with the Kanji…well Helping Hells with it so he could get some sleep

Ps to congratulate Aistad for getting a job i have set off some fireworks on the site but they dont look as good as the episode sorry Aistad


MU || Torrent


MU || Torrent

The MU links will come tomorrow as punishment for DA liking Etou…which hes the only one on staff or maybe world that is in love with her so be sure to stop the by channel and yell at DAdesu for the delay in MU links :P

[16:45] <+Aistad> ~Apples that look like lemons~ lol

IF you dont like applelemons go and tell Aistad in the channel

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