Kenichi OVA 6 and 7

Finally we’ve decided to release the Kenichi ova’s 6 and 7.

We waited so long to get our hands on a dvd iso, but we’ve still not got one yet so here you go with really low quality video release.

And as usual since we’re using low quality raws, we’re releasing these in mp4 format till we get hold of the dvd iso.

And on that note, enjoy the ova’s 6 and 7 also known as OVA 55 and 56.

Note: These are webrips for those who can’t wait. 480p or better with softsubs as v1 soon™. 720p probably never since these OVAs are released in DVD format so no upscaling.

Have fun watching.

Note: Pass for rar is = subdesu

We put the files in rar because they were being deleted when we uploaded.

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Translator – Chris

Timing – Odoxzz-zen

Typesetting – Odoxzz-zen

Editing – Sparx


Encoding – Deafboy91

Distro – Server

Special Thanks – To everyone who donates to help us out!

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