As most people allready know we have a new bot on the channel named Ikaros-chan.
I’m currently busy with configuring the list so that people can also access it over the internet and can search for anime that they want.

The problem is that it takes some time to configure the webserver to finish it correctly.  So in the main while people can do !list or !new to get the latest respons from Ikaros, or for those who want the complete list need to do in the channel where Ikaros-chan is located /msg Ikaros-chan xdcc list or /msg Ikaros-chan xdcc send list .

The releases on the bot have a delay of 20 a 30 minutes depending on the file transfer from the uploaders. But i can guarantee that the download speed if you download straight from the bot is not lower then 500kb/s depending on your connection.

I’ve put the xdcc list of Ikaros-chan on the server in the last few days and its working great.
to get the list directly go to http://ryuugamine.dyndns.org and select Ikaros-chan.txt

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